Man constructs according to an archetype” (Mircea Eliade)


I am a Colombian artist and scholar based in the Republic of Ireland. My personal interests include, inter alia, environmental ethics, moral philosophy, the western mystery tradition, neolithic and megalithic art,  folklore, herbal lore, and animal welfare issues. My artwork is the result of my personal journey through ancient myths, archetypes and my deep love for nature.

In this blog I am not intending to make long posts or to write about topics that have been already explored in literature. Those who are interested in my artwork, should be at some point already familiar with the symbolism represented in each piece. Each drawing or painting speaks with its own voice, each piece is an open statement, a declaration of war against the world that has forgotten the old ways, the messages in the caves and ancient megaliths. In a sense, this space seeks to keep alive certain archetypes (some may see them as deities, primal forces or manifestation of hermetic principles). This blog is also about the world of the ancestors in the broadest sense of the word. It will be also a space to share sources of inspiration, including art, photography, herbal knowledge, moral philosophy and poetry. I have always been bad at keeping journals and it is possible that my posts wont be regular. It is possible that this place will become  a hall or mirrors, an empty theatre conjuring the voice of Dyonisos, a ‘soliloquy for the solipsist.’

It was Robert Duncan who said that “we have come so far that all the old stories whisper once more”, the role of this space is thus to give breath to those voices. It is also  an invitation to  see the world with the eyes of a druid.